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Paintball Soft, Splatmaster and Gelly Ball

At Paintball USA, we offer many activities for ages six years old through adults.  The standard .68 caliber semi-automatic air gun shoots regular sized paintballs that resemble colorful, opaque marbles.  Those that have played paintball before, teens and adults prefer to use our .68 caliber rentals.

Paintball soft markers are similar in looks to the .68 caliber air gun, just a little lighter in weight and size. These markers shoot the .50 caliber paintballs that are nearly half the size of a regular paintball. The usage of the paintball soft air guns is recommended for beginner adult players and children starting at about age eight.

Be assured that no matter which rental air gun you choose to use, you and your group will play with others using the same type of marker. The referees at Paintball USA keep games separate depending on which rental gun you use. Advanced players using their own custom guns play separately.

All our multiple outdoor playing fields are used on the weekends to ensure game rotation among the various guns and skill levels. Private games are available for parties of fifteen players minimum if reserved by calling Paintball USA the week prior to coming out.

Many families celebrate their children’s paintball birthday parties here.  Splatmaster and gelly ball games are quite popular for six- to eight-year-olds.  The splatmaster marker is a pump action spring rifle minus the heavy air tank. The air tank on paintball guns tends to add additional weight and causes the paintballs to propel at a much higher velocity than the splatmaster gun.

Splatmaster air guns are light in weight and easier to handle for our youngest players. Paintball soft, small .50 caliber paintballs are used in the splatmaster markers. These are safe and fun for little ones.

Gelly ball games are the newest kind of paintball related activity. The gelly ball blaster resembles the splatmaster air gun, light in weight and easy to handle. The blaster rapid fires repeatedly tiny, colorful, water filled orbeez that burst into fine dust when hit minus the sting from a paintball or air soft bb.

See our photo gallery for pictures of the .50, .68 caliber markers, splatmaster and gelly ball blasters.

Pricing for these rental packages and all activities offered by Paintball USA are on our website pricing page.

When planning paintball birthday parties or family get togethers, google paintball parks near me. You should find out the following information about the guests that you are planning to invite.

  • The age ranges
  • Ask If your guests have played paintball before.
  • What paintball park have your guests visited?
  • What they liked or did not like about the paintball park they went to.
  • Call and speak to a representative from the park where you are planning to host your event.
  • Ask the rep if the park is safety certified and what safety rules do players follow.
  • Ask about private games and private parties.
  • Are you allowed to bring in food and beverages into the park?
  • Find out if you can get helpful hints on what to wear to include with your invitations.
  • Check Yelp for reviews prior to choosing a paintball park.
  • Finally, ask how long the park has been in business.

When you receive good customer service on a phone call, chances are, you will also experience good customer service at the paintball park. Just give us a call (661) 255-5332 or fill out contact page on our web site  At Paintball USA, we will do our best to make your birthday party a memorable one!